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Senior Journalist Amanul Haque Should Avoid Forwarding Fake News

New Delhi.  Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh the Top Organization of Journalists, a Seminar Related to Fake News and Journalists Making False News is Being Organized by the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh in Every District of the Country. Meanwhile, Today the Country including Bihar  Completed in many parts of.

   There was a huge Discussion among the journalists regarding fake News and false News, which was grandly welcomed by the journalists.
     Addressing the Journalists, Dr. Amanul Haque, National General Secretary Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh , Said that in today's era, new faces are entering the media at a rapid pace, which is a challenge in itself.  Their entry is also tarnishing journalism to some extent.  Former working journalists are also hurt by these people in some way or the other.  Journalism is a Mission in which some people are Engaged in Black Mail.  Which we journalists will have to stop together.
    He further said that this gift is only the gift of Social media.  Social media journalists are mostly unaware of the media guidelines, among which they have to go and tell about journalism.
  He further said that the Government, Government Machinery and media world are quite worried about such journalists.
   The government also wants to ban this.
     Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh always thinks and talks about the welfare of Journalists and Journalism.
    Hundreds of journalist friends have also addressed on this occasion.

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