Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh sent A Congratulatory Message To The Prime Minister Narendra Modi & the Information And Broadcasting Minister Mr Thakur.

Amanul Haque, Journalists Welcomed the Passing Of The Press And Paper Magazine Registration Bill in The Lok Sabha.
   (Special Correspondent)
New Delhi, 23 December.  Journalist Union "Bharatiye All Media Patrakar Sangh" has Welcomed the 'Press and Magazine Registration Bill 2023', which simplifies the registration process for people Publishing Newspapers, after it was passed by voice vote in the Lok Sabha of India.  And also congratulated the country's PM and Information Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh for the Press and Periodicals Registration Bill 2023.  Dr. Amanul Haque, Chairman  & General Secretary of Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh, welcomed this law and Said that for RNI Registration, people and journalists had to make repeated rounds and wait for permission from the District Magistrate (DM) And SDO.  Used to have to be charged but now it has been made easier and all those laws which used to cause unnecessary hassle and time wastage have been removed. Now people wishing to publish newspapers through online manifesto will not have to make rounds of RNI.
    Dr Amanul Haque, Chairman of the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh, said that if a magazine or paper is not published for two years, it can be cancelled. Similarly, if Newspapers are running in two states under the same name, then there is no need to run them at one place.

RNI can give orders. State governments should also help journalists.  Under the new system, the government has provided the facility of getting annual statements of Newspapers and Magazines Published online from their home. He further said that this original law is of 1867 and at that time in 1867, India was a slave and the mentality of the British was to keep the press in their hands somewhere. Even registering for them was a big challenge in itself.  Setting up a printing press or publishing was a big deal in itself.The District Magistrate played a big role in this and there was a very complex system.This was done in 8 stages.You first go to the District Magistrate and SDO and apply for registration and then it used to take several months to process the file there.  After that bring him to the Registrar of Newspapers of India in Delhi and then make rounds of him. For this work one had to go through about eight steps.  Now the new law will not take two-three years, but within just two months you will get permission for your newspaper or magazine. It is simple and smart and also parallel.
   Chairman & General Secretary of Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh  said that first one had to register with the District Magistrate and then with the Registrar of Newspapers of India.It is not so now.  Now Registration can be done with the District Magistrate and with the RNI at the same time.If the District Magistrate does not respond to any application within 60 days, then only the RNI will give permission after 60 days.This is going to provide great

He said that work has been done to liberate people from the laws and mentality of slavery during the British era.
  In the same Direction, Press and Newspaper Registration Bill 2023 has been brought today.Through this bill, work is being done to come out of the slavery mentality and bring a new law for the new India.
    On the other hand, Chairman of " Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh " Dr. Amanul Haque welcomed this law and order and said that this will benefit the newspapers and magazines and also those people and journalists who want to publish a newspaper can easily start publishing. He has also congratulated Anurag Singh Thakur, Union Minister of Information Broadcasting and Youth and Sports Affairs and the Prime Minister.  And the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh Chairman has asked the government to make a law regarding the economic condition of journalists.Also think about the continuous attacks on journalists so that the morale of Journalists does not go Down.

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