Bettiah DM Inspected the Bettiah Press Club Building.

Bettiah Press Club Building Will Be Immediately Handed Over to the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh - District Magistrate 

Bettiah (Bihar). West Champaran District DM Dinesh Kumar Rai along with DPRO, SDM, Bettiah inspected the newly constructed Press Club Building by the Government located in Bettiah on Friday.  During the inspection, he went to the offices of the rooms built in the Press Club and the forced arrangements being made there and took information about the actual condition of the offices from the officers and personnel present.

   West Champaran District Magistrate Dinesh Kumar Rai asked in this sequence that if the Press Club Building is built for journalists, then how is the settlement office running in this Building, when written Documents were Demanded, it was found that the former DM had Given verbal permission for three months.  Told to keep the same.  Whereas the said office is running continuously in the Press Club Building Since the year 2019.

    Whereas the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh, an organization of journalists, has been Continuously Demanding the Press Club Building since its construction till now.  Meanwhile, senior journalist Dr. Amanul Haque, President of the Journalist Association and Press Club, has met the CM and His Excellency the Governor of Bihar to get the Press Club building and all these people have written a letter to Bettiah DM to hand over the Building to the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh.  Have also Sent.  And DM Dinesh Kumar Rai has written a letter in reply and said that it will be handed over to the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh. Meanwhile, the building has also been inspected.  Director of Information and Public Relations Department, Bihar Patna, Amit Kumar IAS has also written about half a dozen letters and reminders and directed the DM of West Champaran, Bettiah that Dr. Amanul Haque should soon hand over the Building to the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh.  Made for journalists only.  But even after all this and even after the DM's inspection, the Agreement has not been reached yet.

  In the same sequence, again on Saturday, when Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh complained, their problems were heard seriously by the District Magistrate.  Along with this, strict instructions have also been given to the concerned officers to solve the problems and the DM himself told the Senior journalist Amanul Haque that we will do something soon. Now it has to be seen in how many days it will be handed over. Journalist Amanul Haque himself told the journalists that in the month of February.  If the Building is not handed over by the DM then now the Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh  will launch an agitation and if necessary the matter will reach the court.

   On this occasion, SDM, Bettiah, District Information and Public Relations Officer Ananth Kumar, Press Club President cum Journalist Dr. Amanul Haque of Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh, dozens of journalists and other concerned officers were Present.

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