Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh Urged Media Houses Including Journalists.

Avoid Spreading and Forwarding Fake News in the Country - Senior Journalist Dr. Amanul Haque

Media workers and the people of the country should avoid running and forwarding fake news.

New Delhi, 19 February. Top Organization of Media And Journalists

Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh Chairman Cum Senior Journalist Dr. Amanul Haque has Said that the Dates of 2024 Lok Sabha Elections have Not Been Announced yet.Indian Media and Journalist Friends, you all are aware that the Election Date is Announced by the Election Commission, Government of India.

   Chairman of Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh further Said that Right Now it is Being Seen that Fake News is Being Spread on many Social Media Platforms that the Election Date has Come.Phase wise District wise Election Date is also Being posted in Fake News, which is completely baseless which even the Administration is denying and a question mark is being raised on the freedom of the press.It is a legal offense to spread fake news on any social media platform and hastily forward it to a group or next without checking the fact.Because this creates unnecessary confusion among the Administration and the Society, which overall harms the press.

  Dr. Amanul Haque, Chairman cum General Secretary  Bharatiya All Media Patrakar Sangh, has Requested the public and Media People to avoid Running and forwarding such Fake News.If you knowingly or unknowingly have spread or forwarded Fake News in the group regarding the Dates of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, then in the interest of Society, delete it yourself and refute the News and try to stop it. As journalists, this is also our Responsibility. And there is also support for the Administration and Government.

 The Date is Announced by the Election Commission itself in front of the Media

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